A biopsy may be recommended by Dr. Tarlo if he recognizes any of the following abnormalities in your oral cavity:

  • Ulcers, sores, or lesions
  • White or red patches
  • Persistent or chronic swelling
  • Changes in your gums that may be causing loose teeth or dentures

A biopsy is a medical procedure in which a small sample of gum or other tissue will be removed from your mouth and sent to a lab for analysis. This allows our oral surgeon to diagnose potential periodontal disease, oral cancer, or other pathogenic dental conditions.

This is not a particularly painful procedure and can quite frankly save your life. During your biopsy procedure, your team at Park Avenue Oral Surgery will minimize any possible discomfort. Anesthetic may be used depending on the location of the sample site. We want our patients to know that this can cause you to be numb for several hours following your procedure. When the anesthetic wears off, you may return to your regular activities and to a normal diet. However, the site of the biopsy may be sore for a few days, so we recommend avoiding brushing the area until you can do so without pain. For more information about oral biopsies in New York, New York, and to schedule your appointment, please contact our office at 212-644-7009 today.


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